How to Create a Database Form


Usually databases allow you to "input" new information into a table in "spreadsheet" format (rows and columns, like the example below).

Data entry into a table without a screen, or "form"

This format isn't very easy on the eyes. Most PC database programs have tools that make the creation of data entry screens fairly easy. Following is an example of creating a screen:

Step 1:  Get the fields you want

Create a new form, Step 1:  Get the fields you want
1. Tell the program which table you want to do.

2. The program gives you a list of fields in that table

3. You can "drag" the fields you want from the list (on the right) to the screen (on the left)

The screen now looks like this - after about a minute's worth of work!

Step 2:  "Format" the fields

Step 2:  "Format" the fields
We usually:
  • Line up the right edges of "titles",
  • Make the "titles" bold,
  • Adjust the length of the data entry areas (the white boxes), and
  • Give the screen a descriptive heading

Step 3:  View the finished form

Step 3:  The finished form
Finally, you just switch from "design view" to "data entry view" and the form is ready for use.

It automatically gives you the ability to:

  • Insert new customers,
  • Edit existing customers, and
  • Delete existing customers

This data entry screen, with the ability to insert, edit and delete customers, literally only took a few minutes!  This high-productivity tool means more time is available to program automatic processing that can save users a lot of time and reduce errors.

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