Automatic Date Calculation

The following shows the original date on a callback:

Let's say the user decides they don't want to do anything now, they want to wait a month.  Instead of typing in the date, they can just type in "1 M" (meaning "1 Month") and the system puts in the correct date for them: 

It just saves a few keystrokes if you're doing easy things like months, but it's really helpful if you want something like "3 weeks" - most people would have to consult a calendar to figure out the correct date.

The options available for this are:

  • D = Day,
  • W = Week,
  • M = Month,
  • Q = Quarter, and
  • Y= Year,

combined with any number (for example, "3W" or "1Y" or "25D").

This is yet another Peck Tech invention!

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