Cash Receipts

Sample screen

System overview

This screen (written in Microsoft Access ) serves several purposes:

  • Show all receipts not yet (fully) allocated to invoices ("default" view)
  • Show all the receipts on a particular day ("Cash Receipts Journal") - by typing in any date desired
  • Enter new receipts, edit receipts on a prior day

Interesting features

Automatic allocation

  • If a check is to pay a single invoice in full, which happens fairly frequently with this client, and
  • if the data-entry person puts in the correct invoice# when they're entering the receipt,
  • and if the amount of the check exactly equals the amount of the invoice including tax,

then the system will automatically allocate that receipt against that invoice.

Automatic date calculation and entry

Almost all receipts are entered on the day on which they're received.  The user just has to click the "Today" button and today's date will appear in the "Date Received" box at the top.  Then the system will automatically copy that date to the "Date Rec'd" column for all the receipts entered.  This saves time and reduces errors.

Do you need a cash receipts/allocation system?  I can give you a custom program for about the same as an off-the-shelf package - but mine will be customized to your needs and procedures.  Don't hesitate to contact me.

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