Automatically do a Mail Merge

It's easy, and inexpensive, to integrate your database (Microsoft Access®) with Word® to generate letters, labels, etc., for customers, vendors, anyone in your Access system. 

Here's an example of button that creates mailing labels for a list of customers stored in an access program.

Part 1:  A list of names in Access

This is a screen in an Access program.

It contains a list of names, selected any way you want.

Part 2:  Access automatically does the Mail Merge

This is what you see after clicking the button.

All you have to do is put the correct size labels in your printer and then print!

Part 3:  Behind the scenes

Another part of this, which you would probably never see, is a "mail merge document" created using Word that maps out what size and shape the labels are, and what's supposed to print where.

Another example

One of my clients generates a lengthy contract to be signed by each of his subcontractors.  The contract includes the names and addresses of the subcontractor, architect, tenant, and owner, as well as details on the specific work to be performed.  All this information is entered into their system, then they can get the contract with all the correct information with just a few clicks.

Not only is this much, much quicker, it greatly reduced errors.

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