Password-protect Your Site

One of my websites is for Customer Service, for their customers to check the status of their orders.  I protected this information at several levels.

Initial login

To access this part of the website, you have to provide a company name and password:


If you fail to provide a correct company name AND password you get this message and can't go any further:

Direct navigation to a URL

Let's say someone saw someone else accessing the site.  They wanted to look for themselves even though they're not authorized.  If they memorize an "inner" URL on the site and type it directly into their browser they get this message:

Making it easy to change passwords

There's always a database running behind this type of site.  On the Customer Maintenance Screen, I set it up so multiple passwords can be stored for each customer.

Then if, for some reason, a password has to be changed, my client can take care of it immediately on their own.

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