Contract Tracking for a Construction Co.

Sample screen

System overview

This is a system for a building owner to make sure it stays on budget for tenant build-outs.  It has three major piece:

Job List:  This is a list of all "jobs" (construction projects) they're currently working on.

Job Detail: Gives all the specifics of a particular job, such as job location, architect name and location, etc.

Budget:  Allows creation/review of approved budget items by category, with a breakdown as to which portion is to be paid by the owner and which part is to be paid by the tenant.

Authorizations:  For each budget category (for example, "Masonry"), the ability to create authorized work that is to be done under that budget category (each of which will result in a Purchase Order).  Also, for each budget item, total budgeted and authorized to make sure the job stays within budget.

Insurance: For each Job, a place to store the expiration date of the insurance on that job to ensure that coverage is never interrupted.

Interesting features

Mail merge:  This client generates a lengthy, complicated contract that has to be signed by all their sub-contractors.  This system integrates with Microsoft Word to quickly generate a contract for each Purchase Order that contains all the right information in the right places.  This one feature alone saved significant time and reduced areas in a very important part of their business.

Standard budget items:  Certain budget items are standard for just about every job.  This system makes it easy to identify any budget item as "standard" and then with the click of a button all those items (with zero amounts) are added to any new job.   It's much quicker to delete a few that aren't needed than it is to manually add them one at a time, plus it ensures that standard items are never forgotten.

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