Dating Service Matching Program

Sample screen

System overview

This system stores the most pertinent information on all the members of the dating service, then helps to find potential matches based on age, geographic and other considerations (there are many other factors taken into consideration; this system simply does the "highest level" search and indicates potential matches based on geographic and age restrictions).

There are also a number of reports to help make sure that they meet their obligations for a minimum number of introductions in a certain time period.

Generally, the left two-thirds of the screen shows information about the selected member and the right one-third shows in which geographic areas they're willing to travel.

Interesting features

Geocodes. For each member, they can designate a radius from each address (for example, one member might be willing to travel within 30 miles of their home in Connecticut and within 60 miles of their vacation address in Florida).
         When they click "find matches" for a particular member, the program searches the database of members to find all other members within the designated number of miles from each of their addresses (as well as other criteria such as age).

Custom geographic search.  Members are usually only willing to travel a certain distance to meet someone.  Sometimes they only want to meet people in a certain city (Boston or New York), or a certain state (typically a small one, like Rhode Island), but sometimes none of these are appropriate, for example "Long Island."
         This system allows the dating service to set up "Custom Codes" for geographic regions that don't fit any of the above categories.  They can then assign them to any of their members (for example, the above member has been assigned to the "South Florida" region), and they can then search for other members that have been assigned the same code.  (This is a Peck Tech invention).

Track matches.  They can run a report that shows all the potential matches for a particular member.  Then, when they decide to make an introduction based on all the information about both, they click a button and the system automatically adds the information to both people.

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