Computer Inventory

Sample screen

System overview

This is a program for tracking the locations of all computers and computer equipment owned by a school system.  It also has a separate module so teachers can create their own work orders, as well as a complete work order tracking system for use by the technical department.

Interesting features

Sophisticated Searches. The user can search for:

  • all the computers registered to a certain user (usually a teacher)
  • all the computers/equipment located in a certain room
  • a certain type of equipment, or
  • a certain tag# (an identification number assigned by the school)
  • a single serial# (the identification number assigned by the manufacturer).

Maintenance in Place. If the user needs to add a contact or location, they don't have to work their way to a "maintenance" menu - they just click one button and they get right to the screen they need.  Click here for more details.

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