Karate School

Sample screen

System overview

This is a program for:

  • storing student and billing information,
  • generating monthly student bills and printing invoices
  • tracking payments received
  • keeping track of unpaid balances
  • charging a late fee automatically if payment isn't received by a certain date.

Interesting features

With the click of a single button, the system does all the operations for the monthly billing automatically.  First, it determines if any late fees should be charged; if so, it adds them to the appropriate families.  Then it generates invoices for all the students on "Active" status, including the current fee, any past due amounts, and late charge, if any.

The invoices are formatted so they can be folded in thirds and fit into a standard-size window envelope.  This system more than paid for itself because it replaced a billing service.

The little boxes to the left of the phone numbers are to indicate the order in which those numbers should be called in case of emergency.

Pop-up screen to enter payments received

This system takes the easy, inexpensive route with payments.  The user clicks the "Payment" button to the left of the appropriate charge, then the following pops up:

Note that:

  • It shows the date, amount and type of the selected fee at the top;
  • It allows multiple payments, and
  • It automatically calculates "Total Paid" and "Balance Due"

Do you need something like this?  A simple system like this is affordable for almost any size business. Please contact me and I'll give you a free estimate.

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