Order, Invoicing and A/R System

Sample screen

System overview

Created by Peck Tech Designs and SoftLink Resources.

You can select a particular customer at the very top of the screen, after which you see a list of all their orders on the first tab.  If you click on any one of those orders then click the second tab ("Order"), then you can see the details of that order.  You can also click the "Invoice" tab to see all the invoices that have been generated for that order.

This system creates over a thousand invoices a month and makes it easy to enter payments received.  It also has complete financial reporting such as Aged A/R.

It's easy to create a quote, and easy to change a quote into an order. 

Interesting features

Hmmm, where to begin. I guess the best feature is:

Tight management. With the large volume going through a relatively small company, it's easy for things to get lost.  This system solves that problem: once an order is in the system, it appears on one of several "to do" tabs until it's all the way through the system.  The progression is:

  • Schedule screen:  As soon as an order is placed, it appears on the schedule screen for delivery
  • Confirm delivery:  Once an order has been scheduled, it appears on a "paperwork" tab until the drivers bring in the paperwork confirming that it's been delivered
  • Create the invoice:   Once delivery has been confirmed, it appears on an "invoicing" tab until the invoice is actually created (after which the invoices are generated automatically by the system.

Do you need better management controls?  Would you like to see a history of changes on orders, schedules, anything?  Please contact me to see how I can help; I won't charge you for an initial consultation.

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