Website for Properties for Sale or Lease

Sample screen

Note:  I did the "functional" part that's white; someone else did the design work for everything around that.

System overview

This was an extremely complicated program that I did for a national-level website for owners to list commercial properties for sale and/or for lease and for buyers to search those listings.

This shows the first page of an extremely powerful search criteria.

They can search for:

  • One or more property types
  • "National" OR [one or multiple states] OR [one or multiple counties]
  • Price range and/or size range
  • And many other very sophisticated criteria (inner city vs. rural, type of construction, etc.)

Users can sort the results any way they want to

Here are the results of a national-level search for all types of properties over $1,000,000.

Let's say you're interested in the most expensive properties.  All you have to do is click the blue arrow that points down in the "Price" column and you'll get this:

This is completely my invention; I hadn't seen it on any website before (though I have seen it once since then).  Obviously, you can sort on any of the columns, in ascending or descending order.

Paged Results

This is pretty standard for database-driven websites, but the good news is that I know how to if you ever need this:

For good performance, the system only shows a limited number of properties per page (registered users can control this on their contact information page).  You can see the next page of results by clicking NEXT or you can go to the very last page by clicking 7, etc.

Do you need something like this?  I can add this to any website that runs on SQL Server. Please contact me and I'll give you a free estimate.

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