Customer Service Website 
for a Warehousing Agent

Sample screen

System overview

This client receives and stores parts that will be used by their customers on various job sites.  Then they deliver them to the job site when asked to do so by their customer.

The purpose of this password-protected website is to allow their customers to see which parts are currently available for shipment at the warehouse.  If they click a Job#, they can see all the detailed information for all the parts that are or were in the warehouse for that Job.  If an item has shipped, they can get detailed information by clicking the Notes link.

Interesting feature - automatic email

Occasionally a job is held up, or is in danger of being held up, pending the arrival of a particular item.  This system offers automatic email notification to their customers.  Any customer can create an "Email Request" on the website, specifying a particular Job#.   Every time anything is received for that Job#, the system instantly, automatically sends an email to the person who made the request.  Since most of the field personnel can get emails on their cellular phones, this has been a very popular feature with them.

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