Receipt Allocations the Easy Way

One of my clients wanted a simple, inexpensive billing and payment system.  The main screen for each student shows a list of what's due:

Then, when they click the "Payment" button to the left of whatever is being paid, they see this:

Note that:

  • It shows the date, amount and type of the selected fee at the top;
  • It allows multiple payments, and
  • It automatically calculates "Total Paid" and "Balance Due"

Advantages of this system

It's very easy to use, and very inexpensive.

Disadvantages of this system

If one check comes in to pay multiple charges, there's nothing in the system to prevent your making a mistake.

For example, let's say the check is for $80.

There's nothing to prevent you from allocating $50 to one charge and $50 to another charge - so the users have to be very careful.

This defect is addressed in my full-blown receipt allocations that was done as part of a complete invoicing and accounts receivable system.


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