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Are you sick to death of computer people who don't understand business, aren't comfortable dealing with people or who speak some barely recognizable version of English that's littered with lots of incomprehensible computerese terms?

Do you want someone who fully understands your problem - quickly - and who comes up with solutions that never would have occurred to you - but which you instantly recognize as exactly what you really need?

If so, we should get along great.

I educate my clients. The more you know about the possibilities of the new technologies, the more you'll be able to apply them to your needs.  As you grow in understanding, the more challenging your requests become - which is more fun for me and much more beneficial to you.

Too many computer people program just what they're asked to do, without helping you to explore all the possibilities.  I try to go way beyond that - to fully understand what you're asking for, then combine it?? with my general business knowledge and very detailed computer knowledge - to create a solution that reflects the best of your and my expertise.

I am a visionary.  I create an innovative and economical solution to your problems, large or small.

I think long-term - I help you arrive at a solution that serves your best interests now and down the road, especially if you expand or your needs change. 

A brief history

Except for a 6-year hiatus to sell large investment properties, I've been a full-time computer trainer, programmer or consultant since 1987. 

To give you a better idea, when I started in the business you had to keep swapping diskettes to run even the simplest program because the computers only had 64K (64,000 characters) of memory, compared to 128 meg (128,000,000 characters) or more typical of today's computers.   In those days, a "portable" computer weighed over 50 pounds, and hard drives didn't even exist.

So I've had a lot of experience with computers.  Even more important, however, is my business experience.   Before computers, I was a production manager at a publicly traded corporation, with over one hundred employees and a budget in the millions.  I also successfully sold commercial real estate for many years (my largest sale was $13,000,000).  From both, I understand how important it is to get along with a variety of people.  And, of course, as a small business owner myself for the last 15 years, I understand the the importance of minimizing expense and increasing the bottom line.  I also understand business - when you tell me about a problem you're having, I'm sure to understand it quickly and completely, so I can best help you to solve it.

My philosophy

The customer isn't always right!  If they ask for something and there's a better solution, tell them so nicely (although of course the final decision is theirs - back down gracefully if they don't think your brilliant solution is as brilliant as you do).

All programs I create have to be easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to explain to new users.

Service, service, service.  The end goal is a happy client.

Communication, communication, communication.  Always do what you say you'll do when you say you will, or discuss it with the client.

Aim for perfection; then when you don't quite achieve everything you set out to do you're still way above average.

Walk a mile in the user's shoes.  Picture yourself using the system like they would.  What would be frustrating to them?  What can you do to make it better?

Listen attentively  - understand thoroughly - think deeply - and only then propose a solution to a problem.


Peck Tech Designs - consultants providing creative custom software development, integration, Internet web site programming, database design, and application and data conversion to clients in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island (and anywhere in world, with somewhat less of a personal touch).

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