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Fabulous NASA shot

All the way around the Earth - taken entirely at night - lights of major and minor cities clearly visible, as well as the polar ice caps.  Be sure to scroll to the right and down to see it all!  Click here.

Some dramatic, original, beautiful photography

Look at for some astounding photographs (yes, done by one of my brothers).  Start by clicking "Studio Work".


And now, the best in the business locally:

A terrific ISP

If it's critical to keep your website running (these guys sleep with their pagers, and go into the office in the middle of the night if there's a problem with any of their servers) - if you want terrific service - they get my highest recommendation.

And an equally good networking group

If you expect your networks do be done right the first time, and if you appreciate high quality and excellent service, look at  Again,  I recommend them highly.


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