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Monitors, Mice and Keyboards

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Your monitor is the primary output from the computer, and the keyboard and mouse are the primary input into the computer. Without these three, it would be a bit difficult to use your computer.

Monitor (or CRT or Screen)

This is the part of a computer system that resembles a TV screen. 

The older types are CRT's (or Cathode Ray Tubes); newer ones use liquid crystal technology for thinner size. 

Monitors, with printers, are the most common means of getting "output" from the computer.

Here are some terms commonly used when discussing monitors:

If you look closely at a computer screen using a magnifying glass, you can see a bunch of dots. Each dot is called a "pixel".  Following is what the word "pixel" looks like when you magnify it:

The more dots there are in a given area on the screen, the less noticeable they are. A higher-resolution screen has more dots and looks better (and is more expensive than) a lower-resolution screen.


This is the basic "input" device.

Keyboard introduction:

Keyboard shortcuts for the most popular Microsoft products:



Almost all computers now rely on a mouse as well. "Wireless" mice are becoming increasing popular because you aren't restricted by a wire between the mouse and the computer.

Tips on making your mouse easier to use:


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