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Searching the Web

Specialized websites on the Web exist called "search engines" that make it possible for you to search for websites concerning a certain topic.


Use this "search engine" whenever you're looking for something that you'd find in the yellow pages of a phone book, such as "Branford CT restaurants." Click on the following link, then type the words you'd mostly likely use in the yellow pages into the box labeled "Search The Web":



One of the most popular, and growing in popularity, due to its huge size and amazing search capabilities. Use it for anything that you aren't like to find listed in the Yellow Pages, such as "Introduction to Computers"

Google Advanced Search

If you aren't feeling too overwhelmed, we highly recommend that you click here to read our description of the abilities of Google's "Advanced Search", which will help you find exactly the sites you're looking for.

Google Image Search

Google has another option that lets you search for images on the Web.  Just type in the fewest words to describe what picture you're looking for, such as "computer." 
(or you can just go to and click on the "Images" tab).

If you want to copy an image for use on a quick poster, bear in mind that JPG images can be increased in size better than GIF images.

And here's the URL for Google's "advanced" image search:


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