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Searching the Web - Google Advanced Search

Searches can return much better results when you use the capabilities of Google's Advanced Search, which will be explained with examples.


Let's say that you're trying to find a good introduction to computers on the Web, but most of the listings are for books that are for sale or for classes.  You can use Google's Advanced Search to eliminate all the book and class listings as shown below:

"At least one of the words"

Now you've gotten rid of the books and classes, but you're finding that a lot of the sites are too complicated.  You think of all the words that might be used on a site for beginners, and come up with the "beginner, easy, simple".  Put these words into the "with at least one of the words" box and search again.  Now most of the sites that are listed are exactly what you're looking for.

"With the exact phrase"

Let's say you're looking for a company called the "Critical Edge Group."  If you put this in the regular Yahoo or Google search, you're likely to get things like the following:


However, if you type "Critical Edge Group" into "with the exact phrase", you'll only get sites that list those words, in that order, right next to each other - i.e., you'll get that particular company.



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